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This would probably have been a RC or even the final version if I hadn't to wait for the development platform I use to reach its next milestone, which may not happen before the next spring, so another beta is worth.

All important information, links and other downloads are here:

You can report any problem here:

If you have questions, exactly today, I'll probably be there:
irc://irc.freenode.net/d as "DotBatch"

I am new to dlang and wanted to try out Coedit. But it does not run on my platform... I tried the zip archive and the installer for the 64-bit version. I am running Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon x86_64. Running "coedit" will log me out of the current session!? Any idea whats going on?


1/ Do you have a proper GTK2 runtime environment ?
Try to verify with this command: pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0

2/ If you replace dastworx by this new version, does it still crash ? new version: https://github.com/BBasile/Coedit/releases/download/3_beta_3/dastworx.linux.x86_64.zip

3/ You can try to log the output by launching from a console: coedit > cecession.txt

Do 1/
Do 2/, if it still crashes then do 3/

Thank you. I got it working and Hello World compiles and runs :D.

... I followed the 'Setup program' instructions, but skipped the important point above the heading: "In all the cases, the DMD D2 compiler must setup and its location has to match to one of the directory of the PATH environment variable.". I only had ldc2 installed. After installing dmd coedit did work.

After playing around a bit i noticed, that something is wrong with the project management. While the single Hello world compiles and runs, I can not compile a project. i get the following messages:

- compiling
- has been successfully compiled
- output executable missing: /tmp/app

I found the compiled 'app' file next to the coedit executable.

Also the 'project inspector' seems not to work. When i add files, they are not listed there.

Something seems not to be setup properly on my machine.

I'm on IRC right now. Communication on the forum is really painfull, it looks like I need to explain a few things. Also you can ask questions on the bugtracker, although it's the same problem as here (not real time...).

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