On Saturday, 3 June 2017 at 19:31:51 UTC, Seb wrote:
Tags are only made from the stable branch.

The point is that the VERSION file is wrong in the officially tagged release source.

Well, as mentioned minor point releases have never been changed in the git repo before:


Yes, and this is wrong. It means that one cannot reliably build from unmodified source and wind up with a DMD that accurately describes its own version.

It's a mistake that remains tolerated, despite the problem being known and having an associated issue, because the dlang/installer scripts work around it, meaning the fundamental problem never gets fixed.

So I'm not sure how necessary it is.

The problem here is that anyone downstream wanting to build or package from source has to work around this issue, that without manual intervention, the version information of the compiler will be incorrect.

If that's not fixed in how dmd itself is managed (NOT the dlang/installer scripts), this will continue to be an unnecessary burden on downstream packagers.

Anyhow, the interesting bits are here:

I very much appreciate your pointing me to material that can help me create a workaround. But I'd feel a lot better about implementing such a workaround if I felt sure that there was a clear understanding of why it matters to fix this properly in dmd itself.

Note, I don't say anything about what such a fix should be, so please don't assume that I'm asking for any particular thing to be done. (There are a variety of ideas in the open issue.) What I'm asking is that it should be possible to build from unmodified source and have correct version info in the compiler.

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