On Saturday, 3 June 2017 at 19:57:36 UTC, Joseph Rushton Wakeling wrote:
It's a mistake that remains tolerated, despite the problem being known and having an associated issue, because the dlang/installer scripts work around it, meaning the fundamental problem never gets fixed.

I understand the problem, but there's only so much Martin can do in his free time.

So I'm not sure how necessary it is.

The problem here is that anyone downstream wanting to build or package from source has to work around this issue, that without manual intervention, the version information of the compiler will be incorrect.

Yep, but it's just a one-liner, right?

If that's not fixed in how dmd itself is managed (NOT the dlang/installer scripts), this will continue to be an unnecessary burden on downstream packagers.

Well, as said before _until_ there's no one volunteering to do this, it won't happen. FWIW in the past sometimes even bumping the major version has been forgotten:

I very much appreciate your pointing me to material that can help me create a workaround. But I'd feel a lot better about implementing such a workaround if I felt sure that there was a clear understanding of why it matters to fix this properly in dmd itself.

I pointed you to the release scripts, because these are the spots where an addition to automatically update the VERSION file could be inserted ;-) For example, the PRs merging stable <-> master are generated from these scripts as well.

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