On Monday, 5 June 2017 at 18:25:19 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
IMO the problem here is the usage of a VERSION file in the first place, which exists only b/c it's somewhat tricky to invoke git on Windows.

Yup, my instinct is that if a VERSION file needs to exist at all it should be created during the build process out of `git describe` output.

Apart from Windows, are there any other cases where it's still more convenient to have it up front? And what makes invoking git tricky on the Windows side?

If your building a version, you know which one it is and can/should provide that version.

Who's "you" in this scenario? :-)

I think it's reasonable that e.g. an official source tarball should contain sufficient information that building it, without modification or the need for user input, will result in a compiler that reports correct version information. (Official here means the stuff available on the Downloads page, not the autogenerated tarballs that GitHub offers which are just a copy of a checkout of the git tree.)

OTOH if one is building from within a git checkout, then git should be queried to provide the version info (with an option to disable/override this if the user wants to).

I'd have thought those two options would cover almost all requirements out there, no ... ?

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