On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 at 23:35:36 UTC, Seb wrote:
Someone revived the Expressive C++17 Coding Challenge thread today and I thought this is an excellent opportunity to revive my blog and finally write an article showing why I like D so much

I first looked into C++ and Rust examples, just quickly without thinking them deeply. I thought that wow, the problem is probably more complicated than it looks. Seems to need many functions to solve eleganty.

Then when I saw your example I, of course, concluded that the problem is as simple as it seems. I would really have excepted C++ or at least Rust to come close to D, perhaps even achieve the same LoC count with a bit of luck.

Excellent article all-in-all, because it shown so many D features in a compact AND realistic way. I think a good D programmer might well write programs in that style for everyday use, not just for show. If someone asks "what would then be an unrealistic program then" it would be one that excessively uses introspection.

One improvement proposal: in the "Other features" part, you mention full compatibility with c. I think you should add "and with most of c++" because it might be a killer feature for some potential users.

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