On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 at 17:13:28 UTC, John Gabriele wrote:
But even then, I don't think you should discount or put off using std.csv as "cheating".

Yes and no. The problem with all these exercises is that they say nothing about the language and a lot about some default library, which isn't particularly revealing.

For instance, Swift drags in all of Os-X on the default platform, so writing an audio/video loader would be relatively short in comparison to other languages. Would that be fair or instructive? Of course not. The Os-X libraries are quite massive.

Anyway, these kinds of exercises are only impressive for people looking for an alternative to scripting...

For general system programming you need to show off the language and not the esoteric features of the standard library. Basically show off how it can deal with a task it has not been designed for. Which is the typical use scenario.

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