On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 at 23:35:36 UTC, Seb wrote:
Someone revived the Expressive C++17 Coding Challenge thread today and I thought this is an excellent opportunity to revive my blog and finally write an article showing why I like D so much:


It's mostly targeted at beginners as I explain many basic D features, but maybe it's helpful for beginners looking into D.

Great article! Thank you!

Typo: "and finally format bundles" --> "and finally std.format bundles".

Another typo: "In the latter article I will also present a solution which only uses 12 lines, but it uses the built-in std.csv module and I think D doesn’t even need to cheat." should probably instead start "Later in this article I'll also present..." or "Further down I'll also present".

But even then, I don't think you should discount or put off using std.csv as "cheating". I'm guessing std.csv handles things like quoted elements containing commas. I realize that maybe you're being pedagogic and wanting to show off D's File byLine and splitter, but I think the first thing a reader will think when they see you rolling your own csv reader by hand is that something must be wrong with D or it's ecosystem if you're resorting to this, and they'll run for the hills (especially in an intro article, *and* one in which you point out that the goal is *expressive* code).

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that, when searching online for how to read in a csv file for a given language (see many examples at <http://rosettacode.org/wiki/CSV_data_manipulation>), if the example involves splitting on commas, I immediately assume it's either old/incorrect, the language is very low-level only, or else maybe the language's std lib must be impoverished.

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