On Saturday, 28 September 2019 at 08:06:02 UTC, GreatSam4sure wrote:
The last time I try this library on windows 10 it throws errors. Have you try it recently on windows

What errors? I sometimes break it with careless pushes to master but it usually works for me.

I want to know can the windows be customized and does it support styling like JavaFX

simpledisplay creates a blank window, what goes in it is entirely up to you (you can even do a flag to skip the titlebar if you want, though I recommend against that generally as I find it user-hostile). There's three ways to draw in it:

1) the basic functions ScreenPainter provides (drawImage, drawRectangle, drawLine, etc), none of which do alpha blending and probably never will (though they might do mask-based single-color transparent pixels at some point when I get around to it or if someone sends me a PR). Nothing fancy here.

2) OpenGL functions. The simplewindow constructor can create a context for you for various opengl versions. Old style glBegin/glEnd is the default and has prototypes included inline. Newer style stuff is opt-in and you may need to load functions via an additional library (for example, the nanovega.d lib in there does this and includes its own vector graphics API, including alpha blending btw) or by dynamically loading them yourself (all the pieces are in simpledisplay it just doesn't do it all by default). These can get as fancy as you want.

3) Operating system functions. You can get at the window id/handle via the impl member of the window and hook the native event loop, call native functions, etc. to your heart's desire. If you do something that is generally useful and can be done at reasonable cost on X11 (Windows and Macintosh are both quite capable, it is usually X that ends up being the lowest common denominator), send me a PR and I might add it to screenpainter's api.

If you're looking for UI widgets like buttons and such, again you can DIY or my minigui.d contains a bunch of them. But they only contain the ones I have personally used so far and only do the styles I personally like and can implement cheaply and easily. There's no fancy CSS or animations or anything like that. I sometimes consider it but I'm personally pretty meh on them so don't expect it any time soon.

But if you all want that, on your schedule, smash that like button, comment, subscribe, and be sure to ring that bell so you get a notification every time I parrot what people say on Youtube at the end of their videos. Then head on over my patreon page and give me all your money today. If everyone who downloaded my libraries contributed just $3 / month, I'd be able to devote myself to expanding these libraries to support more use cases.

But until then, I write these for myself (or, in rare cases, someone else writes them for me and contributes it like with nanovega) so the functionality tend to focus on what I have used myself in the past. Then I post them online since it is easy to do so... then if you find them useful, great, and if you don't, oh well, there's always SDL or gtkD or html5 in electron (LOL) to cover more cases.

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