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On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 at 19:14:41 UTC, Intersteller wrote:
Vibe.d looks great on the surface but lack of documentation, commonly used functionality, and that it looks like it is dying suggests that putting any effort in to it will be a waste. Go, OTH, has tons of frameworks, most are actively support, very well documented(beego, revel, etc), and feature rich.

What is vibe.d missing? It works great for me and the documentation is great imo too because it has everything I need. I use vibe.d at the company I work at and I use it for all my websites. I never had any problems with it

Lets me say from a beginners perspective,
* How do I build a file upload form (single and multiple file uploads)
* How do I work with mongoDB to do CRUD.
* How do I use the Web API beyond hello world!
* Form validation?
* Data sanitization?
* How do I structure my application for real-world (reusable and maintainable code) e.g for a simple blog, simple CMS etc. :)

Some of these things may seem easy to figure-out but can be difficult for a beginner unless he/she has a copy of Kai's book at the moment (D Web Development) :)
Nothing of this is specific for vibe.d, so I do not see any reason to have doc about this in vibe.d

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