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It might be clear and simple to you, but it's not to me. And I'm a rather advanced developer. While there are lots of things I like about D compared to C++ such as getting rid of #include hell, there's too many "messy" things and the learning curve is too steep for me to consider suggesting it for any consulting projects. I think it could've been better if there was more focus on keeping the language (and standard library) clean and simple instead of making it more like a swiss army knife.

When I read things like that page, I think "Haskell's not that bad".

So far a strategy that has worked for me is to ignore most of that stuff. Must be my C background.

What I enjoy most is assembler programming in RISC-like instruction sets. Due to the cost of silicon, it's much less common for them have multiple different instructions for doing exactly the same thing.

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