We may need a survey to have a good overview about users opinions.

Speaking on behalf of myself, after additional inputs from many excellent and respectful users in this 'forum'. I can say that, on the scale of 1 (least geeky) to 10 (most geeky), I would put forum.dlang.org to the level 8 of geekiness required to use the forum. It may be natural for long-time users, but for newcomers, it is very challenging.

Mentioning 'challening', here is an excerpt from a fictional interview with the inventor of C++:

Interviewer: I see, but what's the point?

Stroustrup: Well, one day, when I was sitting in my office, I thought of this little scheme, which would redress the balance a little. I thought 'I wonder what would happen, if there were a language so complicated, so difficult to learn, that nobody would ever be able to swamp the market with programmers? Actually, I got some of the ideas from X10, you know, X windows. That was such a bitch of a graphics system, that it only just ran on those Sun 3/60 things. They had all the ingredients for what I wanted. A really ridiculously complex syntax, obscure functions, and pseudo-OO structure. Even now, nobody writes raw X-windows code. Motif is the only way to go if you want to retain your sanity.

Interviewer: You're kidding...?
I hope it is not offensive to bring up C++'s problems and relate them to D, but the point I am trying to make is *accessibility*. Provided that dlang community is not a the point of saturation, and still needs to grow, things need to be: Accessible (less geeky, less restrictions); Easy to learn and implement; Safe and Fast to program and to run. That would make a good acronym: SAFE safe-accessible-fast-easy, all go in parallel :)

Jonathan M Davis wrote:
On Friday, February 23, 2018 16:51:01 Biocyberman via Digitalmars-d wrote:
So far so much better :)

I really appreciate all answers given so far. Sorry I haven't found a
way to reply to everyone.

Many seems to be using the forum's web interface as a second - tier of
interaction. I still don't know what can justify this practice.

The NNTP and mailing list interfaces predate the web interface by quite a
bit. The web interface was added primarily as a means of making it easier
for more casual folks to comment. Those who wish to use it as their primary
interface to the newsgroup are free to do so, but anyone looking for the
feature set of the web interface to change needs to understand that the web
interface is just one interface to an NNTP server and not your typical forum

- Jonathan M Davis

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