AndyTwizzle wrote: 
> I'm on DSM 6.1.5-15254-1, released on 27 Feb 2018.  I haven't updated to
> the latest LMS as I only upgrade when there's a new packaged-up Beta
> version available from Synology's Package Center (plus I don't know how
> to manually install it myself).
> Thanks
> Andy
Hi Andy,

The 166 build should be available in the Package Center! Did you uncheck
the beta channel after you installed the 162 build? That would clarify
why you don't see the 166 build.

Also in the AAC issue: I read here and there that sometimes AAC is
converted which could be interfering with gapless playback. As you can
read here, your Duet doesn't support AAC natively.



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