On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 03:15:38PM -0800, Stephen Yeung wrote:
> Regarding Milestones they're generally meant for big events (i.e.
> launches or when you complete a suite of inter-related features)
> wherein you take stock and review work and see if changes are
> needed.

Right now our two "milestones" are:

Alpha: complete website with funding mechanism (but no real money)

Beta: Real money!!

After that there's a lot of directions we can go, i.e., we'll need to
take stock and review.

Does anyone have feeback or questions on these two milestones?

> As for Epics, they are user stories but more general and vague, that
> can cover a lot of functionality.  Think of it like an umbrella user
> story that has user stories beneath it.  For example, a checkout
> process might be an epic, while shopping cart, address form, payment
> processor, and confirmation e-mail would be user stories under that
> epic.  Epics are used to get a general idea of the scope/priority of
> the request without breaking everything down.- As for the why it
> should be explained as part of the User Story.  The general form of
> a user story is, As a (actor/state), I want to (function) so that I
> can/because I want to (why).

Thanks, this makes sense!

It is my understanding that people who write user stories may not
always know up front if the story is "epic" or not. The details may be
unclear to them, or they may not be familiar with the technical
requirements, etc.

This sort of makes me think that all stories should be "epic" by
default, until they have been groomed.

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