chill wrote: 
> Thanks Paul - I hadn't even looked in the Extensions section before!
> I think I did it correctly, but I still have the same problem.  But
> maybe I didn't do it properly.
> Noob alert! How do I remove the old version?  I removed sbpd from
> /usr/local/sbin, and I removed sbpd.tcz.md5.txt and sbpd.tcz from
> /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/optional for good measure.  I also edited
> /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/onboot.lst to remove the sbpd line.
> Then I installed pcp_sbpd from the piCorePlayer sourceforge repository. 
> Was there anything else I needed to do to clear out the old version?  Is
> there a way to check which version I'm now running?
> Anyway, with the command '/usr/local/sbin/sbpd -d -s e,23,24,VOLM,2
> b,17,PLAY,2 b,4,POWR,2', the result is that both buttons still power
> down the player, and neither powers it back up.  With just
> 'e,23,24,VOLM,2 b,4,POWR,2' the power button powers down and back up as
> expected.

You did that correctly.....Let me fully test the new version that I've
been working on, then I'll push it to pippen.

piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM. 

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