paul- wrote: 
> What commands might you want?

Well now you ask, not many from that list actually:


- I could see the 'muting' option being useful occasionally, e.g. if the
player is part of a synched group and you don't want the others to stop
playing.  Personally I'd put that on the long press of VOL-
- I can't see an option to set the volume to 100% unfortunately (which
I'd put on the long press of VOL+).  Maybe it's available as a command
like 'pause' (which is the only one that's not a button press)?
- 'play.single' is the button that restarts the current track I think. 
I think I actually prefer what PREV does (starts previous track), but
'play.single' could be useful as a long press for the PREV button (or
vice versa).
- For people who have integrated a screen and want to navigate menus
etc, then I think the rocker pad (arrow) options and the knob options
could be useful.  I'm not sure how you'd achieve what the Boom does with
the knob, i.e. menu navigation some of the time, or volume control after
a certain idle period.  But even if that can't be done, then the knob
options could be useful if someone wants to build in separate volume and
control knobs, like the Radio).

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