Hi All, 

Thanks for all the comments. 

Cloning to a tmp folder and checking out a specific commit is both quick 
and easy. That's not a bad idea: it should eliminate the point of failure 
that occurred here. 
(The `git clean` step should do that too, we use the `fdx` flags to 
eliminate ignored files etc, and it does remove build and dist dirs, but... 
well... something went wrong.) 

I want to add automated running of the test suite against the generated 
src-dist. That would have caught the issues too. This seems to me to be the 
most reliable way to verify that what got packaged was in fact correct. 

I don't think we need to automate any further the final actual shipping of 
the package. `twine upload -s` is pretty easy, and I do worry about us 
putting the signing keys on even a private server really. 

Grrr. Definitely sub-par yesterday. Onwards! :)

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