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> Thanks for your feedback. Eventually I found out that the Django Crispy 
> Forms issue was a CSS bug in our CSS code. Anyway not related to Crispy 
> Forms, it may take a lot of time and effort to upgrade Django for us, and I 
> would prefer to keep using Django 1.11 as much as we can.

If upgrading looks like a lot of work today, it will be even more work in a 
year or two. Today a single dependency may be blocking you from the 
upgrade. Unless you have a contract with that dependency's maintainer, 
there's no guarantee of the situation ever improving. Soon you may not be 
able to add a dependency because it will require a newer version of Django. 
Anecdotal evidence: we have an internal policy of not supporting Django 
versions older than the current LTS unless we have someone paying for the 

As for the LTS policy: I don't think the current one cuts it. There are 
companies who are fine with upgrading once every two years but these 
companies could probably also do it every release or two. Then there are 
companies who want LTS support and these are often projects that need to 
run largely unmodified for five to ten years. I don't think the current LTS 
support helps them in any way. I think a better option (for both sides) 
would be if the foundation offered paid support for the releases nominated 
as LTS and if that support became more expensive every year (to compensate 
for having to maintain outdated software and to motivate the company to 
eventually allocate the budget to a proper upgrade). Paid support could 
also include features like early vulnerability disclosure and instructions 
for determining whether an issue was exploitable in a particular project.

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