I don't think the DSF has the capacity or the will to run a business 
offering paid support contracts.

But nothing is stopping an enterprising individual or company from doing 
so. All security patches are made public (eventually) and backporting fixes 
would be fairly low effort. https://railslts.com/ is prior art in this 

I'm incredibly surprised no one has started up a business to do this for 

On Tuesday, 13 August 2019 10:32:21 UTC+10, 1337 Shadow Hacker wrote:
> Actually I'm pretty sure it could be done even if DSF kept a profit, to 
> re-inject it into other developments for exemple. AFAIK the major 
> difference between non-profit and company is that you don't own it and as 
> such you cannot take dividends out of it personally. IMHO everybody would 
> benefit if DSF did more commerce and was stronger by that mean. I could 
> sing an ode to commerce but that would be much off-topic.
> *אורי* if you're looking for commercial extension you can certainly hire 
> someone for that for the time being, Patryk's company seems to have willing 
> developers, or hire someone to face the debt in your codebase, which 
> Patryk's company will probably recommend for the same budget. Sorry for 
> being so binary but unless another idea emerges from this topic...  it 
> seems pretty cornered at this point, sorry for not being more helpful.
> Best of luck

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