Thank you Fred. 
There is a reason for mobile architectures shifting towards CP-UP split
architecture (Ref: DMM WG documents + 3GPP CUPS), and the stated goal of
further simplification in the mobile user plane (Reference: 3GPP CT4 Study
item and 3GPP Liaison statement to DMM). Now, it will be good if we can
explain how each of these protocols (ILA, LISP, AERO ..) address those key
objectives around mobile user-plane optimization, else there is no reason
for the WG to consider that specific protocol option. So, please do
include this text in the I-D, and/or explain to the WG on how its
addressing these issues.

WG - Please review AERO specs, along with the other proposals.


On 2/2/18, 7:40 AM, "Templin, Fred L" <> wrote:

>Hi, please add AERO to the list:
>AERO does IPv6 ND over tunnels, and supports mobility via dynamic
>neighbor cache updates the same as any IPv6 link. Use cases include
>(but are not limited to):
>- Enterprise mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, etc. as mobile networks)
>- civil aviation networks (airplanes as mobile networks)
>- Unmanned Air Systems (drones as mobile networks)
>AERO has been discussed in this forum several years back, and has
>continued to mature since that time. Maybe now is the time to start
>talking about it again.
>Thanks - Fred

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