On 15/04/18 11:02, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Hi Tim,

but the games most recentĀ  version is only available for Debian Jessie
and will not install due to varies dependency issue (which is strange
because it is looking for a lower version of a file than I have
currently installed).
What's the command and error?  Perhaps there's another package still
providing the old one it needs.

should I compile it so that I can just install it and run it, or do I
need to compile it as a deb file?
The former is simpler so I'd start with that.

Apart from build essentials what else to I need to make sure I have
installed on my PC so I can compile the source?
Inside the tar file is readme.txt and section 7 details some of the
things you'll want to have installed, e.g. libpng.  And because you want
to build a program that uses them, rather than just running that
program, you often need a `development' version of the package, e.g.
libpng-dev, given how Debian partition things into packages.

Cheers, Ralph.

One of the errors I get isĀ  Dependency is not satisfiable libpng 12-0 (>= 1.2.13-4) current installed version is libpng 16-16 version 1.6.34-1


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