Hi Tim,

> mit@prometheus:~/ottd-source/openttd-1.8.0$ ./configure
> bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

Are you sure you've downloaded and unpacked a tar file of source rather
than binaries?  I used

    $ sha256sum openttd-1.8.0-source.tar.xz
    $ tar xf openttd-1.8.0-source.tar.xz
    $ cd openttd-1.8.0
    $ ls
    bin            Doxyfile            Makefile.lang.in     projects
    changelog.txt  findversion.sh      Makefile.msvc        readme.txt
    config.lib     known-bugs.txt      Makefile.setting.in  source.list
    configure      Makefile.bundle.in  Makefile.src.in      src
    COPYING        Makefile.grf.in     media
    docs           Makefile.in         os

Cheers, Ralph.

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