If you cd into the source and run


it should tell you what you need, if anything.

You can use checkinstall (for Debian or Ubuntu) where you would usually run 
make install to make a Debian package.

Then you can easily remove the program with dpkg or apt

Hope this helps,
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Morning all

I want to run a particular game on my PC running SolydXK EE (Debian
testing), but the games most recent  version is only available for
Debian Jessie and will not install due to varies dependency issue (which
is strange because it is looking for a lower version of a file than I
have currently installed).  Anyway I have downloaded the source package
(a tar.gz file) and want to know how to produce a program I a can run
but here is the questions, should I compile it so that I can just
install it and run it, or do I need to compile it as a deb file? I know
I can google and find this information about but I am after the
experienced users thoughts about the best options to take and possible
success, I have never tried compiling in my life.

Apart from build essentials what else to I need to make sure I have
installed on my PC so I can compile the source?

The game its self is not a demand (as in process or graphics), the
source can be downloaded from here:


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