On Wednesday, 11 July 2018 07:27:21 BST Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> Is this the content of the web page being served?
> https://github.com/nodogsplash/nodogsplash/blob/master/resources/splash.html

I am using that page as the basis of my Splash Page, which authorises the user 
and tells him/her that they won't have Internet access through the WMT WiFi 
AP.  When the button is clicked the user is redirected to the WMT Home Page, 
where  the buttons to access the content are held.  It's the Home Page, not 
the Splash Page that is being rendered oversize.

If you go to http://www.hadrian-way.co.uk/WMT_Webserver/WMT/ you will see what 
the Visitor is supposed to see once they been authorised (and does see on the 
deployed system).

> Does the page appear different between nodogsplash's HTTP server and
> nginx in any other way that the size it's viewed at?  I don't think the

All of the pages appear different in one other respect.  Across the top of the 
Splash Page, there is a page Title that reads 'Sign in to network'.  This 
appears at the top of all the pages.  It's this hangover from the Sign In Page 
that makes me suspect that nodogsplash is serving the content.

The map page is also oversized, but the Quiz and Audio Guide pages seem to 
work (even though they carry the Sign In title).

> Try simplifying splash.html, e.g.

Splash works OK, as related above.

> Does the user need to see a splash page?  If not, then it could probably
> redirect to `$authtarget' without the user having to read or click
> `Continue'.

Yes. so that I can inform them of the lack of internet access and one or two 
other things.

> way the HTML is served can make a difference, but perhaps one of those
> two isn't serving some other resource that the page references, e.g. an
> image, due to misconfiguration and that's making the page size
> different.

I've been thinking about this problem and after sleeping on it, I think I need 
to find the answers to some basic questions.

1.  If the nodogsplash webserver is serving the WMT content pages; how does it 
manage that?

The Splash Page is located at /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs, which is the default 
location.  The WMT content is at /var/www/html, which is the default location 
for nginx.  The nodogsplash config file points the webserver at the Splash 
Page for the initial signin and the redirects to WMT-Guest.com.

The nginx config file includes 'sites-enabled' and a file called WMT-Guest is 
located in 'sites-available'  This is then linked to 'sites-enabled'.  The Pi 
is set up to be a DNS Server, which simply says that the page WMT-Guest.com 
may be found at the IP Address of the Pi (  All this has worked 
well since the Webserver was installed in March 2017.  The only problem has 
been the Android issue.

2.  A repeat of question 1. really; when the browser surfs to how 
does it know to get the content from nginx and not the nodogsplash web server?

My understanding is that you can run two webservers at the same IP Address 
providing that they use different ports.  nodogsplash is using the default 
port 2050 and nginx is using port 80.  So that ought to work, but I'm still 
not sure how the content gets to the browser if the nodogsplash webserver is 
serving it since it won't be reading the nginx config file.


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