On Wednesday, 11 July 2018 10:20:49 BST Terry Coles wrote:
> All of the pages appear different in one other respect.  Across the top of
> the Splash Page, there is a page Title that reads 'Sign in to network'. 
> This appears at the top of all the pages.  It's this hangover from the Sign
> In Page that makes me suspect that nodogsplash is serving the content.

This statement is actually a load of cobblers.  I just used my Linux Laptop 
and my son's Windows PC to connect to the WMT pretend AP and that 'page Title' 
doesn't appear.  On going back to the phones, I've realised that this is 
nothing more than a banner inserted by Android to allow users to decide 
whether to continue to use the network or not (it has the three vertical dots 
to indicate that a menu is available.  So the content is presumably being 
served by nginx but somehow Android 7.0's browser is messing with the content, 
presumably due to something being done in the Splash Page.

On the laptop and PC, I don't get the Alert that Android puts up and which 
automatically routes the user to the Sign In page when clicked.  Instead, the 
machine simply connects to the AP in the normal way and nothing happens until 
the user opens his browser.  This then puts up the Sign In Page and everything 
works fince from then on.


                Terry Coles

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