Not within our lifetimes, anyway ...

I know quite a few hams younger than me who are great CW ops.  Assuming 
there's enough of them around and that they will outlive me, I think I'll 
always have someone to work on CW.

See you all on SKN!


Zack W9SZ

On Fri, 22 Dec 2006, Mark Horowitz wrote:

> CW will never be dead.
> I got my ham ticket in 1974 and have been working CW ever since.  So what if 
>   it's not a requirement anymore.  Sounds more like a business venture than 
> anything else.  If you don't like CW,  that's fine.  But there are plenty of 
> hams who enjoy cw.  Too each his own.
> I agree with the other postings that predict that cw will become more 
> popular.
> Happy Holidays to all
> 73
> Mark
> K2AU

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