I built K2 S/N 4398 the same as Ron, on a desktop with a Formica top in a room with a carpet. I kept all semiconductor parts in their anti-static bags and/or conductive foam, and touched ground before picking them up. My soldering station is static-safe. I tried not to shuffle my feet on the carpet and wore sneakers with rubber soles. I did ban the vacuum from the room until I was done and the K2 was working. :-)

Don did an alignment for me when he replaced an intermittent component, other than that, it's been completely fine.


Fred K6DGW
Sparks NV USA
Washoe County DM09dn

On 9/19/2016 1:12 PM, Ron D'Eau Claire wrote:

 Note that the K2 manual does not make much of an issue about an
anti-static mat. It's on the bottom of the anti-static priority list
Wayne compiled. In the interest of full disclosure, I built my K2
while most of my stuff was in storage, working solely on a small
wooden drawing board using my ESD-Safe iron. I simply did the
recommended "touch a ground" before each time I reached for a
transistor, i.c. or pc board and experienced no problems whatsoever.
Sixteen years later the K2 is still going strong.

73, Ron AC7AC
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