The test procedure involves both the contact area and measuring a very high
resistance - in the Gigaohm range. That requires very specialized equipment
that few (if any) Hams have on hand. 

Useful "probes" for connecting to the mat run from $150 to almost $400. For

I believe you will need two probes, plus a meter that can measure in the
Gigaohm range .

The price of one probe would convince me to simply buy a new mat, Hi! 

73 Ron AC7AC

P.S. Us K2 owners are rather quiet these days. I suspect few are still
monitoring the reflector. I miss the many questions about soldering,
testing, setting up an antenna, etc. But time, and products, moves on..

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At this point; A Question about how to properly test an anti-static mat?

I bought one last winter that appears to be totally non-conductive. I don't
think it is my error.
If others have mats like this, and are trusting them, I can see the
possibility for failures.

Dick, n0ce

P.S. I like reading the comments about the K2's.

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