At the risk of starting a religious thread, I never said Macs were more secure 
than PCs. On my Mac, I simply have more control of my security and credentials 
than on a Windows computer from 20 years of deep Mac experience. On Windows, I 
simply don’t have the deep knowledge of how to restrict my usage to protect 
myself. Whatever the platform, careful computing habits are the best defense 
from malware. 

Also, Microsoft is close to ending free Windows 10 updates (or may have already 
ended that program.) VMs are a good compromise and others have commented on 
those virtues.   

> On Oct 12, 2016, at 10:02 AM, John <> wrote:
> Michael,
> I'd be very wary of your last statement there. Your Mac is no more secure 
> than a Windows computer (and in fact Apple collect a lot of data and hide the 
> fact that they're collecting it, they just manage to hide it better than 
> Microsoft do). Your assertion that you're safe just because you use a Mac is, 
> at best, a false belief.
> I, and many other people, use a Windows PC on a daily basis, do all my online 
> shopping on it etc, and I've not been a victim of any of the things you 
> suggested will happen. Sure, I'm a careful user (by which I mean I apply 
> common sense when browsing etc), but I'm at no more risk on my Windows PC 
> than you are on your Mac.
> In response to Dick's question about cost, the only cost would be a Windows 
> licence. With Windows 10 being free for a long time, you may still find that 
> your VM can install, and be activated with, that for free. YMMV. Virtualbox 
> is completely free to individual users (and I suspect other VM hypervisors 
> mentioned in the thread such as Parallels and VMware Fusion are the same).
> 73, and a firm left handshake,
> John (XLX)
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> I second that. Lifelong Mac user. I have a cheap Windows laptop I only use 
> for ham and games. I nuked the drive, installed a fresh, legal copy of 
> Windows 10 and don’t use that computer to surf or watch videos or music. I 
> don't download ANYTHING other than ham stuff, OS updates, and games from 
> Steam or Blizzard, and simply haven’t entered my credit card information on 
> anything on that PC. I purchase on the web on my Mac where I have control 
> over my credentials and security. I also restrict my Windows PC to only my 
> Gmail account. I’m not going to let my hobby computer be the vector of 
> identity theft or ransomware.
> Michael, K2MAW 
>> On Oct 12, 2016, at 9:47 AM, Richard Fjeld <> wrote:
>> Just a suggestion;
>> I don't know what all this would cost you, but $350 can buy a very 
>> decent Windows laptop.  I bought a Lenovo with an i5 cpu and 8 Gb of 
>> ram plus an optical drive and more,  from the Microsoft store for that 
>> amount. You have to watch for good offers.
>> Dick, n0ce
>> On 10/12/2016 11:20 AM, Dauer, Edward wrote:
>>> I give up.
>>> I have tried to be faithful to my decision of a few years ago, to swear off 
>>> Windows and work exclusively with Mac OS.  But there’s just too much that I 
>>> want that isn’t available in OS – Spectrogram, for example, and any number 
>>> of logging programs I’d like to try.
>>> It’s not time yet for a new computer, and I want to keep all of my Mac apps 
>>> and files intact; so the question is what sort of Windows emulator would be 
>>> best to install in the Mac computers.  I use a 4-year old MacBook Air as a 
>>> laptop and an even older iMac on my desk.  Both now run OS X Yosemite and I 
>>> will not upgrade to Sierra, in case that matters.
>>> Advice?  Thanks in advance,
>>> Ted, KN1CBR
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