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> The problem I have is accepting the status quo by Elecraft. Just because
> everybody else is around -30dB shouldn't mean Elecraft stop trying to do
> better. Let the portable/backpacking rigs use 12V MOSFETS and switch the
> desktop model K3(s) to higher voltage finals. Yeah, yeah, I know, the K3(s)
> is supposed to be portable capable. How many people take their K3(s) out in
> the sticks...ever...save Field Day?

Oh yeah.

"Just" change the supply voltage. AND the PA. And would that much heat
dissipation even fit in the same space?  OK. Everybody ready to go out and
buy a 28 volt power supply for the new K3S? The range of 12 volt supplies
is way, way broader than 28 volt. The Astron LS35M  35A@28VDC is 380
dollars. Oh, a built-in? Where does it go in the case?

And does the K3S add an internal inverter to produce 12V for everything
else from the 28V?

Lot of expense for a small improvement that they can get with a freebee
change to a late developing gift improvement for the cost of shipping.

What would be a practical way to actually introduce such a change? Lay out
all the specifics involved. Let's see your critical path item by item plan.
It's cheep and easy to just blurt out "they oughta go to 28 volts."

73, Guy K2AV
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