Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> writes:

> I see it differently.  I see M-RET as a function that "magically" adds
> more of what is adjacent to point.

Your "definition" is fuzzy:

 * Headline

   [lots of text]

   <-- M-RET here will insert a headline, which is by no mean adjacent to point.

> I—obviously—think what I propose is better than what we have now.  Let's
> go through the current functionality.

In this case I value simplicity over complexity (or "smartness",
whatever you call it). Anyone, including newcomers, should be able to
use M-RET without knowing about (affiliated) keywords, or be bothered
with them.

IMO, it /is/ sensible to insert a headline (or an item) without trying
to outsmart the user. 

Also, headlines are first-class citizens in Org. Keybindings acting on
them shouldn't be bothered with other citizens.


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