On 2014-11-28, at 22:36, Andreas Leha wrote:

> Hi Marcin,
>> You're right, mostly.  My point was that with displayed equations (in
>> amsmath, since core LaTeX lacks a lot in this department), AUCTeX has at
>> least one nice thing: C-u C-c C-e.  (Also, plain C-c C-e.)  Both very
>> handy.  (As for preview-LaTeX; in AUCTeX, you also have folding, which
>> looks worse, but is faster - at least I guess so, I hardly ever use it.)
>> (C-c C-e inserts an environment, with autocompletion.  With prefix
>> argument it /changes/ the surrounding environment.)
> Are you aware of org-cdlatex-mode [1]?  That provides some similar
> functionality.

Nope - I'll check this out, thanks!


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