The A rotates the head around the  X axis and the A rotates the head 
around the Z axis. If the torch is sitting at 45 deg and you pull up the 
Z axis it will cut on another line. True the flame is further away but 
also not on the same cut line any more

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>Z is still the only axis that controls the torch height. A and C should 
>be programmed to follow the path needed for the part. Just trying to 
>visualize that machine in my head... is A and C rotating Z or the part?
>On 09/21/2016 06:11 AM, Marius Liebenberg wrote:
>>    I agree. It is more al the signal level or HAL level or component 
>>that I am wondering about. You cannot simply change the Z value as we 
>>with THCUD. There are A and C axis involved now as well.
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>>>Cutting a bevel the thickness is different than the sheet but the arc
>>>distance is the same for the thickness being cut IMHO.
>>>On 09/21/2016 12:16 AM, Marius Liebenberg wrote:
>>>>Hi All
>>>>I am starting a build of a 5 axis plasma machine with bevelling
>>>>features. The problem I am facing is not understanding how I will
>>>>implement the THC on a 5 axis setup. I am not sure just changing the 
>>>>axis feedback or command signal will do the trick here. If a bevel 
>>>>being cut thing surely look different.
>>>>Any ideas or brain storming is welcome please.
>>>>Regards / Groete
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