On Friday 16 September 2016 08:26:07 Todd Zuercher wrote:

> Maybe it would be easier for you to draw out what you want to do with
> ladder logic?

No experience at that Todd. But I believe I have it working.

A timedelay to give the spindle time to start moving. 200 milliseconds.
A retriggerable oneshot looking at the encoder to detect movement.
An and2 with the oneshots out-not is in0. True if not moving.
The input in1 is the timedelay. True after the timedelay, which is 
started my motion.spindle-on.

That and2 gives a logic one out when both are true.
Thats fed to a not, and the not is fed to motion.enable.

Start spindle with motor power off, or backgear in neutral, 200 ms later 
the machine on button goes off. And spits out a motion stopped error 

Click the machine on button after reaching around a mag based dial that 
sits on the head for handy use as the chuck is a 5" 4 jaw, hiding even 
the extended lever I put on the backgear, and put it in gear, hit r and 
it should run the program.  In the instant operation, its making a 
replacement block for a junk compound of this Sheldon 11x36 I bought 
back in early June and am doing a cnc conversion to. That block of cast 
in the chuck is at least 20 lbs. A measureable percentage of the whole 
lathes weight as its only a 7x12. But its been rebuilt here and there 
and almost usable as a cnc lathe. Ball screws, tapered gibs, and a 
compound replacement block of cast iron to replace the weeping willow 
compound it came with. Still needs baby sitting from time to time, and 
this will reduce that. Thats probably a 20+ hour job as the block is 
found cast. A pour plug cut off a truck wheel casting at our local 
casting operation. Good source of cast for a hobbyist machinist, but 
darned near more than my back wants to carry in one piece.

But next is a skinny-dip as I have an appointment with a medicine man at 
a hospital/clinic about 30 miles up the superslab at 1pm. I need to see 
his dance & maybe do a few steps of my own before he'll renew a 
prescription for gabapentin that keeps me going.  My back is going away, 
lots of pain.

I don't recommend getting old, avoid it if you can. :(

Take care Todd.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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