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> On 09/16/2016 09:58 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
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> > wrote:
> >>> Ok, what I need is a true output for any input condition of i0 and
> >>> i1 except i1 true and i0 false. function 0x2, the only answer that
> >>> lut5.py gives you, doesn't do that.
> >>
> >> That's function FFFFFFFB actually.
> >>
> >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_VlL39jUOPpS8Tt9mpRK-eaSTS6
> >>C6P HBDoE3JitvLzs/edit#gid=0
> >
> > bookmarked. But where does it display the answer? I did try the 0xB
> > but that didn't work. Machine on button was locked out IIRC. Where
> > does the 7 F's in front of it that you show, come from?
> A LUT5 has 5 inputs, all combinations define 32 possible
> states of those inputs.  So, you have to define the output
> behavior for all of those possible states.  In hex, 32 bits
> takes 8 symbols.  F (hex)  = 1111 (binary).
> The exact ordering of which bit refers to which input
> combination is in the manual.
> Jon
Bottom of page 652 I presume. Be aware that I found that particular  
version of kcalc to be at least as handy as bottled beer.  There's one 
thats even better in the 8-04 lts but I couldn't make that disk read.

BBUUTT, since lcnc switched to a debian base that feature of kcalc has 
been excised from the repo's so I had to run down a somewhat scratched 
up 10-04 LTS disk and install that one to get my favorite calculator 
back. One of our group ought to go hunting and find a 10 yo copy of the 
sources because someday whats in the repos will be so dumbed down its 
worthless to us.

Thanks Jon.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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