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> On 16 September 2016 at 15:58, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> 
> > bookmarked. But where does it display the answer?
> J40

I saw that, said 0xB

That said I did have to make one change in what I posted before, because 
it would also do a forced shutdown when the spindle was above 200 rpms.

Moving the trigger source to hm2_5i25.0.encoder.00.input-b gave my 
oneshot much more activity on its trigger input.  Now its working well 
up to 450 revs, and that block of cast in the chuck could do serious 
damage if it was to get thrown so I didn't spin it up any higher.  When 
I remove it to turn it around tomorrow, I'll check it to 1500+ revs with 
an empty chuck.

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