On Monday 19 September 2016 02:22:49 Dave Caroline wrote:

> HPC gears in the UK make pulleys in the same way as I do and list the
> intermediate stage in their catalogue, see
> http://www.hpcgears.com/n/products/15.toothed_bar_stock/toothed_bar_st
> or make a hub assembly and press fit any gear on

I was afraid of that. But I'll have to cobble up the press, probably from a 3 
legged gear puller.

Getting a pulley I already have, bored concentric is part of the problem since 
I don't have chuck jaws that can grip it on the pulley, but on the flanges. 
None of the flanges I have checked are concentric with the shaft bores because 
thats actually a 3 piece assembly pressed together. Resting on the flange, the 
bores aren't even perpendicular. Chuck jaws grab both flanges, tipping it, and 
I wind up taking a stroke or 7 with a file before a dial says I'm good. A pima. 
But you knew all that. ;-)

I'll sort something out. But I'll have to fix my bandsaw first.

I have a 111 inch metal cutting blade for it on order, and then I have to make 
a new table insert. One that will sit exactly flush with the table. The OEM 
insert was some sort of fiberous polycarb, but sat too low, allowing a small 
block of alu to tip forward into the blade, locking the blade and wrecking a 3 
tpi woodslicer blade and smashing the plastic insert.  The next one will sit 
flush but its a bastard measurement, about .198 or .199 thick and I might have 
to fit setscrews to level it.  
But now I have some 7075-T6 to make it from.

Even for wood, that OEM insert is dangerous because it sits 30 %#&@$! thou 
below the table.

> Dave Caroline

Thanks Dave.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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