On Monday 19 September 2016 06:56:00 Rick Lair wrote:

> Check this place out Gene,
> http://www.hmmanufacturing.com/pulley-stock1.html
> I just bought some stuff from there, good quality, great price. We
> have a situation on our edm machine where the standard sheaves
> available weren't wide enough, and I found these guys.
> Hope it helps,
> Rick

Yes I think it does. One spec is missing in that huge pulldown, and that 
is the shank's diameter. If I can saw off about an inch & a half, center 
it up, bore to 8mm's from the front of the shank and drill/tap for some 
4mm set screws with enough meat left to hold things tight. then turn it 
around & counterbore enough to surround the stickout of the OEM 
crankholder which I've fitted with torrington roller cartridges and 
roller thrust washers, faceing it off to just clear the new apron panel 
I made, then the belt pulley on the motor could be turned around so its 
setscrews are in front, the belt tension would easier on the motor, and 
the tension would be pretty much centered between the 2 torrington 
cartridges.  I like that, a lot.

I have already bought other 40 toothers for the z drive or I could make 
those from the leftovers.  Had a heck of a time finding a 40 with a 15 
mm bore, but thats what this motors shaft is. I'll drive z 1/1 but thru 
a timing belt.  All thats yet to be built.  The bellows I'll use for z 
screw covers have arrived, so now I know how big an end terminator I'll 
have to make 4 of to clamp them to. And it appears I'll have to make 
vents in these mounts, these bellows have none.

Once I get this block of cast in TLM's chuck reduced in height to match 
the old compound, I can get to work on some other stuff. I can mill the 
width of the slot that Phase-II mounts by once a big keyhole tool 
arrives, and make the holes for the holdown bolts, that part s/b ready 
to use.  Only two bolts bothers me so I might make 2 more.

Considering I'll have time in making it, still $70 something beats the 
heck out of that other 4 letter place. They wanted $270 for a lot 
simpler pulley.

Thanks Rick.  This was helpfull.

> On 09/19/2016 01:09 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> >
> > Do any of you know of a pulley maker that can supply a large hub in
> > in a 40 tooth pulley that is also more than an inch wide at the hub?
> >
> >
> > I find that to align a belt on the X drive, that I have to find a
> > pulley with an 8mm bore, but around 2" wide at the hub, because I am
> > going to have to bore it away under the belt to allow it to sit on
> > the X drive shaft with an offset of at east an inch so that it can
> > be aligned with the pulley on the motor.
> >
> > I just went thru 18 pages of ebay without finding a pulley with a
> > hub wider than 1".
> >
> > So its either a looooong hub, or I make the adaptor, which means the
> > pulley will need bored out to at least 1.375" in diameter in order
> > to fit over the adapter's outer cylinder, perhaps all the way thru. 
> > Maybe even make a flange on the adapter that a thin webbed pulley
> > might be bolted to.  Obviously I don't relish that idea. Doable,
> > yes. A time sink, double yes.
> >
> > I did see ebay had some 2/1 and 3/1 step drives that might give that
> > much axial offset, but they were for wider belts and even a 2/1
> > would impinge on the gear ratio, possible messing with the
> > performance of a G76's end of stroke retraction.
> >
> > I'm not terribly interested in dealing with that one custom pulley
> > maker, having been quoted $272 for the metal version of the plastic
> > one I can get from LMS for $4.50 + ship.
> >
> > So if anyone knows of other alternatives, I'm all eyeballs.
> >
> > Thanks everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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