Check this place out Gene,

I just bought some stuff from there, good quality, great price. We have
a situation on our edm machine where the standard sheaves available
weren't wide enough, and I found these guys.

Hope it helps,


On 09/19/2016 01:09 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings all;
> Do any of you know of a pulley maker that can supply a large hub in in a 
> 40 tooth pulley that is also more than an inch wide at the hub?
> I find that to align a belt on the X drive, that I have to find a pulley 
> with an 8mm bore, but around 2" wide at the hub, because I am going to 
> have to bore it away under the belt to allow it to sit on the X drive 
> shaft with an offset of at east an inch so that it can be aligned with 
> the pulley on the motor.
> I just went thru 18 pages of ebay without finding a pulley with a hub 
> wider than 1".
> So its either a looooong hub, or I make the adaptor, which means the 
> pulley will need bored out to at least 1.375" in diameter in order to 
> fit over the adapter's outer cylinder, perhaps all the way thru.  Maybe 
> even make a flange on the adapter that a thin webbed pulley might be 
> bolted to.  Obviously I don't relish that idea. Doable, yes. A time 
> sink, double yes.
> I did see ebay had some 2/1 and 3/1 step drives that might give that much 
> axial offset, but they were for wider belts and even a 2/1 would impinge 
> on the gear ratio, possible messing with the performance of a G76's end 
> of stroke retraction.
> I'm not terribly interested in dealing with that one custom pulley maker, 
> having been quoted $272 for the metal version of the plastic one I can 
> get from LMS for $4.50 + ship.
> So if anyone knows of other alternatives, I'm all eyeballs.
> Thanks everybody.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett


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