On Tuesday 27 September 2016 09:29:47 Ken Strauss wrote:

> The discussion has been regarding the optically coupled probe. Has
> anyone had success with the inductively coupled ones? Is it feasible
> to make your own IMM module?

I'd have to say you could, but these machines are generators of a large 
amount of magnetic noise. So I'd say not magnetically coupled, but radio 
coupled just to get above the frequency of the machines own noises. I'd 
have to assume something that used a very high carrier frequency just to 
get above all the harmonics of the pwm and stepper pulsing noises. Any 
great amount of power would require it be put, frequency-wise, is some 
band the fcc or whatever control agency is governing your locale, has 
allocated for that.  That wants to point at bluetooth.  Bluetooth stuff 
has a range of 10 feet or so, but thats so noisy it would require you to 
invent your own protocol just so nearby computer mice and keyboards 
wouldn't have the right checksums of their packets to register.  But it 
is by now a well developed, cheap technology.  And I've no clue what the 
latency would be, but quite likely much more than a direct electrical 
contact would have.

I debounce 2 servo cycles, so thats a 3 millisecond lag worst case which 
means I double touch, the second at low feed speed.

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