I,m contemplating modifying mine to 2.4ghz and then implementing my own 
protocol, I've got some code already that has infra red to WiFi out, so that 
might do as the catalyst starter code and make a new pcb for the probe and just 
do away with all the infrared.

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On 27 Sep 2016, 18:25, at 18:25, Jon Elson <el...@pico-systems.com> wrote:
>On 09/27/2016 10:36 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Tuesday 27 September 2016 09:29:47 Ken Strauss wrote:
>>> The discussion has been regarding the optically coupled probe. Has
>>> anyone had success with the inductively coupled ones? Is it feasible
>>> to make your own IMM module?
>> I'd have to say you could, but these machines are generators of a
>> amount of magnetic noise. So I'd say not magnetically coupled, but
>> coupled just to get above the frequency of the machines own noises.
>Yes, it seems Blum and Renishaw have moved to RF 
>communication, and seem to be in the 800 MHz to GHz bands!  
>I guess the problem is no matter where you put the IR 
>transceiver, somebody would end up putting an obstruction in 
>the way, and then you break the probe tip. I did rig the 
>loss of signal watchdog to stop the machine, and it seems 
>like a really good idea.
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