On Wednesday 12 October 2016 07:35:22 Erik Friesen wrote:

> It uses an atmel chip.  However, that isn't the hangup to me.  I see
> context switching as a real challenge.  So you hit the edit button,
> then what?  Open gedit?  I'd really like to limit GUI excursions and
> control the whole thing closer than that.

You mentioned gedit, which gets my attention.  That "thing" has scrambled 
a file for me for the very last time. I don't even install it on a fresh 
install, but nano to avoid remote x problems, and geany for a gedit-like 
editor that has yet to record or miss-record, usually because I am 
typing on a membrane covered keyboard and don't hit the key hard enough.

When I started to make TLM work with a 5i25 card because software 
stepping wasn't fast enough, I had to nuke the .ini and .hal files and 
start from scratch with a fresh run of stepperconf in the first month 
while I was adding this and that to complete the working config.
About every 9 or 10 times I called up gedit to fix a typu, I would fine 
the files was scrambled by picking up a kilobyte of it and randomly 
inserting it 2 or 3 other places in the file, with the start of the 
insert being mid-line of the inserted section, and inserted mid-line 
where it was inserted.

Save yourself such potential gcodeing headaches by making the default 
editor geany in the axis.ini file. IMO gedit is a TTD, a Textually 
Transmitted Disease.

> On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 11:16 PM, Gregg Eshelman <g_ala...@yahoo.com> 
> > Look on the back of the keyboard for microchips, or on a board that
> > the keyboard connects to. Google the numbers to see what they are.
> >
> > I'd thought about hoking up the keyboard from the Anilam Crusader 2
> > system that was on my big mill. Shouldn't have been too difficult
> > since a cable went from the keyboard to another small board with a
> > matrix to RS232C chip. Would have mostly been figuring out the
> > pinout of the header on the adapter board then setting up a text
> > editor to take input from a COM port, then poking every button to
> > see what characters it sent.
> >
> >
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> >
> > Are any of these items valid any more?
> >
> > http://blog.cnccookbook.com/2014/12/16/10-features-pros-
> > hobby-cnc-controllers-dont/
> >
> > What would it take (software wise) to fully integrate a haas keypad
> > so that most of the functions would be usable?  The ones I see as a
> > challenge are items like Posit, Offset, and all the edit functions.
> >
> > Reference keypad http://aercon.net/Public/HaasKeyboard.jpg

I could only see one advantage there, the keypad itself is innately 
swarf-proof unless its still hot enough to burn the plastic. Chromerics 
keyboards are rated 10 million presses per key, but is that a 
Chromerics? The cheap ones can fail in 5000  or less presses.  And the 
layout is a bad dream for a true typist. I ran screaming to refill my 
coffee cup which was caught empty.

I could, if I was using canned code, but I write 95+% of what I run, 
eventually get used to that layout, but I am now used to the std 
computer keyboard.

Que that comment and old dogs and new tricks.  Fits me and my muscle 
memory well. And I am not, in your wildest dreams, a touch typist.

My $0.02 but adjust for 82 years of inflation. {O_o}

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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