On 10/12/2016 09:54 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> You mentioned gedit, which gets my attention.  That "thing" has scrambled
> a file for me for the very last time. I don't even install it on a fresh
> install, but nano to avoid remote x problems, and geany for a gedit-like
> editor that has yet to record or miss-record, usually because I am
> typing on a membrane covered keyboard and don't hit the key hard enough.
> When I started to make TLM work with a 5i25 card because software
> stepping wasn't fast enough, I had to nuke the .ini and .hal files and
> start from scratch with a fresh run of stepperconf in the first month
> while I was adding this and that to complete the working config.
> About every 9 or 10 times I called up gedit to fix a typu, I would fine
> the files was scrambled by picking up a kilobyte of it and randomly
> inserting it 2 or 3 other places in the file, with the start of the
> insert being mid-line of the inserted section, and inserted mid-line
> where it was inserted.
> Save yourself such potential gcodeing headaches by making the default
> editor geany in the axis.ini file. IMO gedit is a TTD, a Textually
> Transmitted Disease.

You must have something inexplicably incorrect.  I've used gedit for 
years and never ran into any of the problems you've had with it, running 
it either locally or over the network.  And that's with a bunch of 
plugins installed, both for software development work and for the G Code 


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