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> Looking for a very flexible cable for an encoder, 3 pair will work
> would like 6 pair.  The cable is in a cable track and gets flexed each
> time the Z moves. Only need about 15 feet but will take more for
> spares.
> Thanks,Ed.
The encoders I have built, doing A/B/Z signal generation from 
opto-interrupters, and soon to be from hall effect devices, only need 5 
connections, ground, which should NOT be grounded to the machine at the 
encoder, power, normally 5 volts from the bob, and the 3 signals.

The most flexible cable I know about is from Clark Wire & Cable in 
Chicago.  Its a 4 conductor + a thin braided shield woven over a mylar 
film for a shielding effectiveness of over 110 db, nominally about 6 
mm's in diameter.  I use it also as motor cable on my toy mill, but 
noted some heat when used on the x motor of TLM as thats a 475 motor, 
wired parallel & the 4.5 amps it runs at was heating the cable just 
enough to detect it. So it got replaced with some heavier and of course 
stiffer 18 gauge on the last rebuild. It's called "star-quad", and is 
intended to be used with microphones by using the two wires at opposite 
corners of the cable lay, in parallel as one conductor in that service, 
which does an outstanding job of reducing the hum and other external 
noise pickup.  Replacing all the mic wire in the studios at WDTV-5 with 
it, which was in shielded twisted pair, lowered the noise floor to the 
point that I could hear the air conditioning if the gain was cranked up 
and no one else was in the studio. And that was a good 75 db below a 
normal speaking voice from a lapel mic.  Some of my cable on my machines 
is north of 10 yo, no failures.

At 24 gauge, not for high currants obviously, but very good for 
signalling circuits.  Called Mink4 in their catalog, see at 
<http://www.clarkwire.com/cableMINK4.htm>. That page shows its black, 
but I've bought it in blue and green too. The green and blue was good at 
disappearing in the chroma keyed picture. Not a whole lot stiffer than 
well cooked spaghetti.

2 runs of it could handle differential signalling well too.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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