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> I am still using Inventor 2011. Yes; it took a while to get to grips
> with it, but it's very capable. I have 2014 but have never installed
> it (always seem to be waiting for a newer computer). Inventor has
> become Fusion 360 now, so there seems little point in upgrading
> Inventor itself. There is no CAM element to Inventor 2011, so models
> are exported as STEP files, then imported into Vectric's  VCarve Pro
> if they are to be milled, or Repetier if they are to be 3D printed.
>  I think any capable 3D CAD/CAM program will take a bit of learning,
> and for me the big step was learning to think in 3D. I have found the
> process requires me to think more about how to manufacture the object,
> than simply to draw it. The most challenging part has been learning
> how to create objects with complex angles between different planes,
> which I need for drawing large moulding tools.Strangely, although I
> know how to do classic pencil-and-paper technical drawing, I found
> AutoCAD quite frustrating to use, and 3D drawing much more liberating
> once I got going. Inventor is based on the AutoCAD engine, but you
> would never know it from using Inventor.

 I think the best opservation is tha with these 3D modelers we lrsn to
think differently.  We stop thinking about drawings that are on paper
and more about the product and it's 3D shape.    For example I want
to make a mount for asmall gear motor.  I make the exterior then Iuse
a CAD model of the motor as a "cutting tool" and place it where it goes
relative to the mount then tell fusion to "cut away" all the mout meterial
the in inside the motor's exterior surface. Then make bolt holes that
fit the motor's from mounting holes.   THis isnot drawing a part it is
making a model of the part.   Ideas like using an 3D part like a motor
of even a screwas acuting toolis forign tomost draftsmen

Invetor is AutoDesk's mature 3D modeler.  It has been around for a while is
is well used in indutry.   Itcompetes with Soild Works for beibg the
leader.     Fusion is the New Guy and I don't think is was based on Inventor
but many ideas much from it.  Fusion does both more and less then

Buy Inveter and Solid works come withvery hefty (four digit)  prices while
Fusion 360 is free for small-time users. and comes with built-in CAM that
can make g-code for mills and lathes and has very good integertion with
a couple slicers for printing.

> I have tried many of the free programs, but they vary too much in both
> approach to the task and in real capability to make much impression on
> me. If I can't get my head around how the programmer thinks about 3D
> objects, I find it difficult to use the program. TinkerCAD for 3D
> printing is a classic example. I have a friend nearby who creates all
> manner of things in TinkerCAD. I can barely draw a square with a hole
> in the middle, because I don't think about 3D objects in the same way
> as the programmer did when creating the interface. That's strange,
> because TinkerCAD is based on the  Inventor engine (which, like the
> Russian dolls, is based on AutoCAD...).
> As an aside, my final year project at University, a very long time
> ago, was creating a program to produce a drawing of interpenetrating
> pipes, and a layout drawing for heavy steel sheet to be cut then
> rolled into pipes for oil rig legs. The others in my yeargroup were
> working on other aspects of drawing on a computer; all of which was
> new in those early days. It was all based on a mathematical approach
> to classic 2D drawing techniques. So its a source of joy and wonder to
> me that we have such capable 3D  CAD/CAM software nowadays. It makes
> workshop life so much more interesting.
> One other aspect from those early days, was a procedure for generating
> two photos of a drawing on a flat monitor screen. The camera took two
> photos simultaneously but from two different angles, 5 degrees apart.
> The resultant images were loaded into a ViewMaster type of slide
> projector, and produced a 3D image of the object. Where are you now,
> Occulus??? That was in 1974.
> I signed up for Fusion360 (free version) a long time ago, but need  a
> decent  64-bit machine to be able to run it, so that will have to
> wait.
> I also signed up for OnShape, but that would not run on my Mac or on
> any of my (slightly older) PCs. I don't know anyone who is using that
> software, and my impression is that their 'free' business model didn't
> last terribly long.
> I tried SolidWorks a long time ago, and went to a demo/workshop
> session. I could understand how to use the program (based on my
> experience with Inventor) but the licence was way more expensive than
> a full-price Inventor licence, and the ongoing costs were not
> inconsiderable, so I left that alone.
> I think that as far as CAD/CAM programs go, you get what you pay for.
> Or maybe the capability of Inventor has spoiled me.
> The free licence for Fusion360 has to be a real bargain, for as long
> as it lasts.
> Marcus
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>  > We just got set up with Autocad Inventor at work. While
>  > very capable, and it has lots of good CAM strategies, it is
>  > SO COMPLICATED! We have one guy here who got good with it,
>  > so I let my meager skills lapse, and now I barely know how
>  > to view a document.
>  >
>  > I think Fusion is a very similar program.
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>  > Jon
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>  The Lars Christensen Fusion 360 videos on YouTube are very good. Lars
>  works for Autodesk.
>  Dave
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