I believe I'll have a similar problem.

> > Assuming you unplug the rotary axis when you remove it, you could
> > simply use a normally closed homing switch that unplugs with the axis.
> > Problem with this is it wouldn’t let you use the fast approach, slow
> > home sequence with a single switch.
> >
> > Thaddeus Waldner

> unplugging it isn't practical without adding a plug in the switch cable,
> but some timers could simulate that, and a mux2 to steer the timers or
> the switch could work. I'll have see if I can set something up along
> those lines.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett

Since my Harmonic Drive/STMBL are an AC Servo it's unlikely that it's a good 
idea to unplug it while the system is powered.  So one has to either ESTOP 
which removes DC or power down the entire system.  Then unbolt the rotary 
table/indexer assembly and remove/unplug it.    Then release ESTOP or power up 
the system again.  Mostly because my Mill Table isn't really large enough to 
keep it there permanently.

The question then is whether or not the system, when starting can/will 
recognize an input which is a unit present signal.   Can not the HAL files be 
set up to  #include other files?  So based on an input select one of two HAL 
sub files to load.  One with an A axis and one without.  Don't know enough 
about that yet but it's definitely part of what I will need to learn.


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