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> Since my Harmonic Drive/STMBL are an AC Servo
> The question then is whether or not the system, when starting can/will 
> recognize an input which is a unit present signal.

This is a solved problem :-) (I have exactly the same 4th axis as you)

I have a loop of wire on two spare pins on the connector where the 4th
axis plugs in to the machine:
This drives an input on the STMBL. The STMBL HV enable is only set
(HAL Logic) if this input indicates motor-present.

I just accept having an A axis display even when the axis isn't
connected. And the machine will f-error if you try to move or jog it.

It might be possible to load different configs depending on that
signal. A bash script can send halcmd commands to load the hostmot2
driver, start the threads, read a pin, and then run one of two or more
linuxcnc startups (after unloading Hostmot2 and realtime, probably.)

Maybe even an edited version of the LinuxCNC startup script:

Personally I haven't cared enough about the vestigial axis to bother :-)

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