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> On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 10:50, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> 
> > Two separate configs means it will be hard to keep them in synch,
> Two configs (ie INI files) can share the same folder, so the HAL
> files, .var file and tool table are all shared.
And if I copy the ini to one with no A references in it, do I also have 
separate .hal files, or does hal ignore the A references?  Or do you 
have 3 hal files? A basic, and a load vertical and a load horizontal?

I've just perused the docs again, looking for a way to #IF an #INCLUDE 
with that in mind, but that would appear to need a preliminary loadusr 
of a panel.ui just to select things.

So I don't see a tasty way to do it as I'd still have two pairs of files 
to keep in synch with such as MAX_VELS etc. With the sheer number of 
variables to keep synched, the N! could rapidly exceed 69, the maximum 
my now elderly ti-51 calculator can do.  So the best way might yet be to 
do the 2 configs by 2 .ini's in one directory, along with two .hals, so 
the -3 version is just the -4 with the A stuff stripped.  Problems like 
this beg for an IF [condition] in both the .ini and the hal.

I do see that panel.ui has gfx that pyvcp doesn't, like the little dot 
boxes. Or a teeny square with a check if condition=true. pyvcp is stuck 
with color controllable leds, but you can't click the led so you still 
need a button to click.

I'd also complain if hung with a used rope ;-)

> I do this with my mill to switch between horizontal and vertical
> spindle modes. Most of the HAL files for spindle etc are the same, but
> the different INI files call different sub-sets of HAL files and set
> the kinematics differently.
> (JA and the new trivkins made that part really easy)

Maybe a chapter on this in the Documentation.pdf?  Sounds like it would 
be quite usefull for this.

Can the .ini reliably spec 2 or more .hal files? Separate out the A stuff 
for a 2nd .halfile, change the number of axises from 3 to 4, and call 
the A stuff in an extra halfile in one of 2 separate .ini's?
>From section it appears to be workable, with the exception of 
properly ordering the resultant addf's. That will involve some 
#INCLUDE's, and that boils down to two separate halfiles to maintain 
because we don't have an IF/ELSE/ENDIF.  Makes me get all growly. So I 
guess it gets clamped to the back of the shelf for storage when not it 
use.  Actually, I have a mental image of a extra platform on the rear to 
hold it where its out of the way, but a 1" dowel stuck in the end of a 
blank would suffice to hold and rotate the blank for gunstock work. But 
due to Z height limits, most of the buttstock end will need to be done 
with it laying flat. I can see a problem because of the buttstock toe 
hanging down and needing Z height I don't have while doing the barrel 
channel too, but the G0704 can do that.  That stock setup would leave 
room beside it for the hack-a-day style of tool changer.

Thanks Andy.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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