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> On Apr 9, 2019, at 10:26 PM, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 09 April 2019 23:02:46 Thaddeus Waldner wrote:
> >> Assuming you unplug the rotary axis when you remove it, you could
> >> simply use a normally closed homing switch that unplugs with the
> >> axis. Problem with this is it wouldn’t let you use the fast
> >> approach, slow home sequence with a single switch.
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> >> On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 02:33, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net>
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> > wrote:
> >>> out of the logic that determines whether the machine will run
> >>> gcode when that A axis has not been homed because its unplugged,
> >>> off the machine and stored and either is unhomed, or was never
> >>> homed since this power up.
> >>
> >> The simplest is probably to set it for immediate homing (home
> >> search velocity zero) but have it in the homing sequence.
> >>
> >> If you want it to physically home when present, but not home when
> >> absent, automatically, then it's harder. I imagine that some HAL
> >> logic to detect presence or absence and a mux2 to switch between
> >> real and simulated home (wcomp looking at apparent position of the
> >> stepgen?)
> >
> > unplugging it isn't practical without adding a plug in the switch
> > cable, but some timers could simulate that, and a mux2 to steer the
> > timers or the switch could work. I'll have see if I can set
> > something up along those lines.
> >
> > More ideas.  Thanks Thaddeus.
> Another idea:
> Instead of simulating a home switch with a timer, you could use an
> actual home switch from a different axis (eg. z-axis).
Not sure about that one. I'll investigate the "check to use" idea first. 
My homes, except for A are very close to the switches, so a rehome 
doesn't take long. 5 seconds maybe.

One of the things I have planned for A is sharpening/shaping HSS lathe 
tooling, but have not found a mounted CBN wheel of a size suitable for 
spinning in this spindle. Seems to me the CBN people are missing a 
market niche by not making a fairly rigid miniature cup mounted version. 

The diamond wheel dremel now sells for $26, is so thin and flimsy you 
can't accurately maintain a face angle, plus the diamond isn't 
compatible with HSS, so its not a good choice for HSS. I have made an 
arbor to spin a 4.5" CBN cup in the G0704, and have used it a time or 7, 
but even though I've fine tuned the face of the arbor 2 times, it still 
runs out of true by several thou at the cutting face.  Thats hard on the 

And I need to make a base wedge to hold the A nose up (or down) by 7 
degrees for the clearance angles. One almost needs a 2 axis combo table 
for that, at which point LCNC needs a 5th axis.  And that means a 
different interface, like a 7i90HD, or different firmware in the 5i25 to 
put the 5th axis on the p2 connector. The 7i76D only has 4.  Humm, I 
supposed a software stepper could be loaded, and a base-thread setup, 
hal can certainly do that. 2 problems with that though, first, and show 
stopper being the limited Z motion available in a gantry. I bought one 
of those $70 touch probes, and had to make a shorter stylus to get it to 
clear the bed. Piece of fragile plastic junk IMO.  As a probe, its 
usable for xy locations, but will need a round ball tip for z profiles. 
No where near concentric although that can be fiddled with given enough 

I'll probably get a Wild Horse probe before I'm happy. But thats a few 
pages down the log I'm not keeping.

Simple hack-a-day carousel Tool changer first. 6 pocket probably.

With this vfd, I left it running at 675 revs for a few hours yesterday, 
to check out the slow speed burn-up horror stories. At 675 revs, and I 
don't currently have any low speed boost programmed in, in 2 hours the 
motor was up 2C and the coolant tank was up 1C. I can stop it with two 
fingers, so obviously I can add some low speed boost when the new vfd 
gets here. It was back to running the spindle fwd yesterday. Go figure.

Cheers Thaddeus, Gene Heskett
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