On Tuesday 09 April 2019 23:47:24 John Dammeyer wrote:

> I believe I'll have a similar problem.
> > > Assuming you unplug the rotary axis when you remove it, you could
> > > simply use a normally closed homing switch that unplugs with the
> > > axis. Problem with this is it wouldn’t let you use the fast
> > > approach, slow home sequence with a single switch.
> > >
> > > Thaddeus Waldner
> >
> > unplugging it isn't practical without adding a plug in the switch
> > cable, but some timers could simulate that, and a mux2 to steer the
> > timers or the switch could work. I'll have see if I can set
> > something up along those lines.
> > Cheers, Gene Heskett
> Since my Harmonic Drive/STMBL are an AC Servo it's unlikely that it's
> a good idea to unplug it while the system is powered.  So one has to
> either ESTOP which removes DC or power down the entire system.  Then
> unbolt the rotary table/indexer assembly and remove/unplug it.    Then
> release ESTOP or power up the system again.  Mostly because my Mill
> Table isn't really large enough to keep it there permanently.
> The question then is whether or not the system, when starting can/will
> recognize an input which is a unit present signal.   Can not the HAL
> files be set up to  #include other files?  So based on an input select
> one of two HAL sub files to load.  One with an A axis and one without.
>  Don't know enough about that yet but it's definitely part of what I
> will need to learn.
> John

Thats a thought I should follow up on. I'm going to make a "use A" 
checkbox in the post gui but that might be a timing problem. I'll 
concentrate on the checkbox first, then figure out how to use it. Or 
maybe a postgui for the postgui?

Two separate configs means it will be hard to keep them in synch, a 
headache I'd druther not have. AFAIK, the ini can't use an IF, and 
neither can hal. That would be a welcome addition, so one could build 
his config on the fly as it was loading based on ENV settings that could 
be set with a wrapper script.  Hint hint... Or a bash wrapper to 
assemble the config according to ENV vars? I suspect there are at least 
50 ways to skin this cat. ;-)
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