I've followed the instructions on this page:


adding the necessary configure options. (Note:
--enable-wayland-clients and --enable-wayland-egl for enlightenment's
configure are not recognised. I used --enable-wayland instead.)

I'm using efl 1.21.1 and enlightenment 0.22.4.

Everything seems to work, except for these two problems:
1) There's a big, fat arrow cursor in the center of the screen. I
would say it's the default X cursor, but this is wayland... It's
separate from the normal cursor, which functions as expected. It's a
static cursor image that appears on top of everything else.

2) Window decorations appear to be broken! I have a borderless
terminology window, and completely decoration-free conky windows open
on startup, and they all have borders and drop shadow. Programs (such
as Chrome) that manage their own decorations and positioning also have
an enlightenment border added, creating a double-border effect, and
their positioning over-ridden.

Are there fixes or configuration settings to correct either of these?

Another quick question -- that same web page mentions a wayland-only
option, but the link to those instructions says it's not safe for
everyday use. Is this still the case? Obviously, until the above
problems are fixed, i'm not about to compile enlightenment without X


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